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For B Corps

We're excited to have you in the B Corp community! Working for a Certified B Corporation gives you access to an incredible community of changemakers, increasingly focused on taking climate action, supporting racial equity, and changing the fundamental source-code error in business: shareholder primacy.

If you’re new to the community, check out our B Corp Welcome Guide — which guides you through the many steps you can take to make the most of being a B Corp. Whether you’re new or a longtime B Corp, we encourage you and your colleagues to tap into this incredible community, through the following steps:


Take the B Corp Census

B Lab U.S. & Canada Census

The B Impact Assessment tells us about your company. The Census helps us understand the people within it! By identifying B Keepers and other key roles in the organization and sharing your topical interests, you help the B Lab team get you the right information at the right time so that your employees can make the most of the B Corp Certification.?


Connect Online

All employees of Certified B Corporations have access to the B Hive: an online community of peers and leaders. The B Hive is where you can?connect with other B Corp leaders worldwide, find relevant resources for making the most of your?Certification, search for and offer B Corp products and services, take advantage of exclusive discounts for B Corps and their employees, and collaborate with peers across our movement to amplify our impact. Set up your B Hive account now!


Showcase your B Corp Status

Fly your B Corp flag with pride! Here's how to tell the world about your certification and what it means. Check out how B Corps find creative ways to use the brand in their own marketing. Download the?logos (in multiple languages) and?brand guidelines below to get started:



Logos for Certified B Corps:

Join Community Networks

From B Locals, to WetheChange, to the B Corp Climate Collective, the B Corp community is increasingly growing networks of people who share a common interest. To learn more, check out the links above or:

Sign up for topic-specific newsletters
Join fellow B Corps via groups on the B Hive


Are you a member of the B Corp community who identifies as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color?
If so, sign up for our newsletter for specific engagement opportunities and offerings here.

Take Action

B Corporations are increasingly taking bold and collaborative action on climate, racial equity, and on a root cause of each: shareholder primacy. Learn more about each below and connect with relevant groups on the B Hive. We’re just getting started so join us now:

Climate Justice
Racial Justice Resources
Stakeholder Capitalism

Tell Your Story

There are so many ways to embed your B Corp Certification into your storytelling repertoire. Here are some avenues and examples for you to consider when making your Certification come to life!

1. Update your landing page with your B Corp Pride: See examples from Rubicon Global, Clover Sonoma, Fors Marsh Group, and Montanya Rum.

2. Write an article on your site! Check out these examples from Sir Kensington’s, Stumptown, or Malouf.

3. Send an email to your customers and/or partners telling them about your new B Corp Certification.

4. Make a video:?Diamond View and Legacy Vacation Resorts are two great examples. Or?share one of ours.

5. Send out a press release:?Guardian Media Group, Tom’s of Maine, Uplight, and others?sent out press releases to local or national media to announce their Certification.?

6. Get on our Medium page:?B the Change is B Lab's publication dedicated to telling the stories of companies using business as a force for good. We want to hear from you! Check out our submission guidelines and get in touch.

7. Get active of social media:

  • Tag us at @bcorpuscan on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter?and?B Lab U.S. & Canada on LinkedIn.?
  • Here are some examples of B Corps celebrating their Certification.
  • Use hashtags #BCorp #BCorps #BTheChange
  • Recently Certified and announcing on social? Make sure you tag us to be highlighted on our New B Friday reels!??

8. And of course, don’t forget to share the news with your employees! Check out our Employee Engagement Deck for some ideas.