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What is B Movement Builders?

B Movement Builders is a program for multinational, public companies to come together to lead systems change alongside and in support of the B Corp community, building a new narrative about the purpose of business.?

Who are the B Movement Builders??

B Movement Builders are a coalition of leading, large companies who are scaling and accelerating global systems change to support long term value creation for all stakeholders.?

All B Movement Builders are publicly traded companies with at least $1 billion in revenue. They are committed to the principles of the B Movement and take individual and collective actions that bring those principles to life.?

B Movement Builders aspire to increase their impact by learning from and collaborating with the global community of Certified B Corporations.?

Together, B Movement Builders leverage their size and influence to move business farther and faster toward creating shared and enduring prosperity for all while driving their individual growth, culture and impact.?

B Movement Builder Mentors

B Movement Builder Mentors lead the way, having already certified more than 30% of their businesses through subsidiaries

B Movement Builders are committed to the principles of the B Movement:

  • Authentic Credibility
    Credible, concrete and inclusive actions backed by comprehensive, transparent assessment.
  • Scalable Collaboration
    Interdependent communities that create collective impact through peer-learning and partnerships.
  • Impactful Transformation
    Authentic leaders dedicated to audacious goals that transform business to create shared value for all stakeholders.

Benefits to Companies

  • Build Trust, Credibility & Brand Value
    With employees, customers and other stakeholders.
  • Attract Press
    Through program launch, progress on commitments and goals, collective actions.
  • Increase Employee Engagement
    By providing opportunities to build their skills and network through engagement in the B?Corp movement.
  • Combat Shortermism
    By aligning your investors to build long term value.
  • Collaborate
    With peers and B Corps to make progress toward the SDGs, scale innovations and share best practices.
  • Build a Global Movement
    Help accelerate and be identified with a powerful paradigm shift.

B Movement Builders Take Action

Individual Company Actions
  • CEO Signs B Corp Declaration of Interdependence.
  • Make a credible commitment to the B Movement.
  • Use B Impact Assessment to measure and manage social and environmental impact.
  • Produce and publicly share a materiality assessment.
  • Produce an annual impact report
  • Set goals and show progress toward achieving three or more Sustainable Development Goals. ?
Collective Actions
  • Publicly commit to the B Movement?principles.
  • Collaborate with other companies and stakeholders in working toward the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Engage with key shareholders and policymakers to move from shareholder-centric capitalism to stakeholder-driven governance models.

Join Us

The B Movement Builders program is designed for companies who are genuinely committed to the principles of the B Movement.?

Before joining B Movement Builders, companies must undergo a Risk Review to determine if they are involved in activities that are against the values of the B Movement, in which case they are ineligible.?

The B Movement Builders program is not the same as B Corp Certification. Therefore, companies participating in B Movement Builders will not necessarily meet the same social and environmental performance standards as Certified B Corporations. However, as part of their participation and ongoing eligibility in the program, B Movement Builders need to make meaningful progress on key goals related to their social and environmental performance as overseen by B Lab’s independent Standards Advisory Council.

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