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Standards and Governance

Multiple governing bodies and advisory bodies oversee the work of B Lab, the global B Corp Movement, and the requirements for B Corp Certification.

Board of Directors

B Lab is governed by a dynamic process of broad, transparent,?multi-stakeholder engagement. The Board of Directors establishes Advisory Councils to ensure continuous incorporation of best thinking and practices into B Lab's mission and activities. The Board also has ultimate decision-making authority on recommendations coming from the Advisory Councils and oversees strategy, budget and operations.

Bart Houlahan Photo

Bart Houlahan,

Co-Founder B Lab, Former CFO, COO and President of AND1
Debra Dunn Photo

Debra Dunn,

Director, Skoll Foundation

Gonzalo Mu?oz ,

Co-Founder & Executive President, TriCiclos, High Level Climate Champion for COP25

James Perry,

Co-Founder, B Lab UK, Co-Founder & Chairman, Cook Foods

Katie Hill,

B Lab Europe’s Management Board Chair and Former B Lab UK Executive Director
Bart Houlahan

Lorene Arey,

President, The Clara Fund

Lorna Davis,

Former CEO & Chairwoman, Danone Wave, B Corp Global Ambassador

Luis Duarte,

Partner, Imaginable Futures
Ommeed Sathe Photo

Ommeed Sathe,

Vice President & Head, Social Investment ProgramCommunity Resources Department, Prudential

Global Governance Council

The Global Governance Council oversees the global growth of B Lab and the B Corp Movement. The 11-member council has representatives from each global partner organization, including B Lab US & Canada, and B Lab’s Independent Board of Directors. The responsibilities of the GGC include global expansion, policy strategy, amongst others.

Ben Anderson,

B Lab US & Canada

Co-Chair: Bart Houlahan,

B Lab

Co-Chair: Mele-Ann Havea,

B Lab Australia & New Zealand

James Perry,

B Lab UK

Juan Pablo Larenas,

Sistema B

Katie Hill,

GGC Representative to B Lab Board

Leen Zevenbergen,

B Lab Europe

Lorene Arey,

B Lab Board of Directors

Standards Advisory Council

B Lab’s Standards Advisory Council (SAC) is an independent multi-stakeholder council composed of experts on sustainable business from around the world that are responsible for overseeing the performance standards for B Corp Certification, including the B Impact Assessment. It consists of two subcommittees, one focused on the overall certification requirements and standards (the Main SAC), and another focused on specific application of the standards for large companies (the Multinational Company Subcommittee).

The Main Subcommittee oversees the overall performance requirements for B Corp Certification, the content and scoring of the B Impact Assessment (BIA), the development of position statements on Controversial Issues, and Disclosure Review eligibility cases for companies under $1B in revenue (including those identified by B Lab’s public complaints mechanism). They are also responsible for approving addenda to the BIA created by expert working groups, and adjudicating any appeals regarding interpretation of the BIA.

The Multinational Subcommittee of B Lab’s Standards Advisory Council is responsible for applying the Performance Requirements of the B Corp Certification and Movement Builders program for large companies, including evaluations of company compliance with Baseline Requirements for B Corp Certification for $5B+ Parent Companies, Disclosure Review eligibility for $1B+ companies, and participation as a B Movement Builder.

Main Standards Advisory Council

Bob Willard,

Author and Speaker, Sustainability Advantage

Carlos Eduardo Lessa Brandao,

Independent Board Member

Dan Osusky,

Director of Standards, B Lab

Darin Kingston,

Portfolio Manager, Global Development Incubator

Jamie Robertson,

Managing Director, 361 Degrees

Jessica Yinka Thomas,

Professor, Poole College of Management, North Carolina State University

Katsonai (Kaye) Materake,

Principal, Tactive Consulting

Kelly McCarthy,

Senior Manager, IRIS, Global Impact Investing Network

Mahlet Getachew,

Managing Director of Corporate Racial Equity & Legal, PolicyLink

Richard Pike,

Technical Director, Cook Trading Ltd.

Stephanie Nieman,

Associate, SJF Ventures

Thomas van Craen,

Managing Director, Triodos Bank Belgium

Multinational Company Subcommittee

Aron Belinky,

ABC Associados

Hester Janssens,

Fair Trade International

Laura Palmeiro,

United Nations Global Compact

Marie de Muizon,


Richard Hardyment,

World Benchmarking Alliance

Tarcila Reis Ursini,

Independent Board Member

Vincent Stanley,


Bart Houlahan,

Co-Founder, B Lab

Chris Coulter,


Phil Cumming,

Walgreens Boot Alliance

Veronica Chau,

Boston Consulting Group

Watanan Petersik,

Director, Lien Centre for Social Innovation; Chair, Ashoka Singapore Advisory Council

Advisory and Working Groups

The B Impact Assessment is tailored to a company's size, sector, and market. When the need arises for more nuance in assessing the impact of particular topic areas, models, or industries, B Lab convenes expert working groups to develop standards for approval by the Standards Advisory Council. See a list of active and?past working groups.